times are a changing

i wish i had the motivation to attempt to write something profound about yesterday’s election. i don’t. however, i didn’t want this moment to pass without saying something.

i am incredibly proud, proud, proud to have voted in this election and to witness this moment in history. i have never been a very patriotic person. almost the opposite, in fact. not that i’m not totally grateful for the freedoms that we have. i’ve just always thought our government could do a lot more for the people who really need it. oh, and not to mention i’ve never been a fan of the white patriarchal power structure.

the fact that obama won by a landslide gives me so much hope. that the majority of people in this country is ready for a black president…holy crap is this amazing! almost mind-blowing. if we had to endure the past eight years to get to this point, then by god it was worth it.

i moved to austin in 2000, just two years after the brutal racist killing of james bird. i used to work with tiny communities in east texas, delightful and gracious people who were working to better their depressed town, who became ugly and scary when asked how we could get the blacks who lived “on the other side of town” involved. it was a different world of social relations out there. and there is here and every where. still.

but times are a changing.

i’m feeling very patriotic at this moment. that “there” is now the white house. that we believe we can stand together. even if obama gets nothing accomplished (which i know will not happen), he’s accomplished so much. so very, very much for our country.

p.s. even though mccain took tejas, 65 percent of austin voted for obama!

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