school bells ring, are you listening?

’tis the season for lots of things, including the boys starting school!

okay, so they actually start on january 5, but with the holidays here and all, it’s as good as tomorrow. we’ve had the boys on a waiting list since they were 7 months old, and gave lots of thought to an appropriate start date once two spots opened up. it could have happened as early as september, but my head and heart weren’t ready yet. as we inch, and at times leap, closer to two and all the joy and challenge that brings, i can now enthusiastically say, “I’M READY!”

we had our first visit yesterday. in preparation for this visit that consisted of 45 minutes of outside playtime, we’ve been talking about school and meeting their teacher and making friends and the playground like it’s the freaking second-coming. i was beginning to worry the boys might be disappointed because we were hyping it up so much. they were so not disappointed, though. in fact, they didn’t want to leave! first off, it was the ultimate playground in the eyes of abie and oz. for two steering wheel obsessed boys, there were more options than they could take in. three cars with at least two steering wheels each. an airplane with steering wheels. a fire truck with steering wheels. and then, as if that wasn’t enough, a simple bench with three steering wheels across. i kid you not, the ratio of steering wheel to child was a minimum 1:1. this ratio may actually play out to be more important than the one for student: teacher.

the kids were adorable, too. they rushed a and o when they entered the play area and greeted them to the hilt. it was a little weird for me to see kids like this at first. they were like a herd of dogs or something. but then i got used to it and it was endearing to witness the family-structure of this class. and they welcomed the boys with open arms.

the teacher was prepared to ease the boys into comfort, but it wasn’t necessary. oz was off and running with “the herd” from the get-go. he didn’t need any prompting or instruction. in fact, he lead the way to the car he was eying at the opposite side of the play yard and everyone followed. abel was a little more reserved and wanted to scope things out while walking and holding my hand. but it wasn’t long before he joined the fun and started making friends. my favorite memory of this first experience is spinning a giant “sit and spin” with as many kids crammed in their as possible, all laughing hysterically, with two other kids helping me spin, and seeing my boys wedged in there and giggling their butts off. it was awesome.

we’ll go back two more times before the official start date for more fun and acclimatizing. next time the teacher suggested we join them for circle time at 9am, which i’m really looking forward to. we said adios to everyone with much cajoling, oz blew kisses to the director and both boys tweeted to the two parakeets on our way out the door.

and i knew in my heart…these boys are ready, too.

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