family planning: throwing caution to the wind

there definitely has been something in the air lately. SO MANY friends and fellow bloggers are adding to their families. i can’t deny i’ve felt a little left out. the feeling of a newborn snuggling in your arms. oh, nothing is better! we’ve also been thinking a lot about how the boys might like another sibling, other than their twin, in their lives.

after a lot of discussion, j and i decided to throw caution to the wind. and to our surprise, it happened really fast!

everyone, meet romeo, the new baby boy in the silverman house!

romeo, oh romeo, how we love you so! this cat is THE BEST. he’s 8 months old of pure love. i honestly don’t know how he ended up in the pound, because he’s a dream. he loves to play but is really gentle. he gives hugs AND kisses (i swear!). he purrs like an engine if you so much as pat his head. he loves the boys. and it’s an understatement to say the boys love him. mati and romes are getting along famously. ally, the reclusive cat, just hisses and spits at him, but he seems to care less. and j and i are simply in love with this lil’ snuggly bug.

welcome to our home, romeo!

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