you may have noticed things look a little different here. after watching my fellow blogger friends revamp their sites, and seeing how beautiful and eye-catching and easy-to-read they turned out, i decided to explore what i could do over here at silverbabies. well, actually that’s the first thing that was glaring me at the face when i hit “edit template.” silverbabies? these kids are a far cry from babies. so i changed the blog title to silverboys, much more appropriate, and with a longer life-span i might add. other than that, i just futzed a little with some of the new design options, added a photo, rearranged some of the sidebar goodies, and…whalaa!

much improved, at least to my tired eyes!

i wish i had time to be more creative and really try to redesign things, but for now, this facelift is more than adequate. now if giving myself a full-body facelift were just as easy…sigh.

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