cell phone magic

i think cell phone cameras are this era’s polaroid. it’s fast, easy and instant. requires no manipulation, no light meter, no focus. sure, it has its limitations, but there’s something about how it captures a moment, the frayed light, the graniness, the contrast, that makes it all the more appealing.

j recently bluetoothed a bunch of pictures to our computer that had been collecting on this phone. it was amazing to relive these simple moments captured. either moments i had forgotten about, or forgotten that we had captured.

this first one was taken a month back and i think is my new all-time favorite picture of oskar. it’s an early rite of initiation, in a way. oskar joins the ranks of millions of men who read victoria’s secret, while getting his diaper changed in the back of the car, no less. the face says it all.

the boys experience their very first push-up pop at chuy’s (abie first). we paid for it the next few days in the quantity of “pop” heard around these halls:

we took the boys to dinoland at zilker botanical gardens. they LOVED it. they also loved finding rocks to sit on, take a rest and have their favorite snack – apples!

and reaching way, way back to what feels like an eternity ago, what a delight to find this pic from j’s b-day when the boys were a mere 7 months old. i think this may have been the first time we put them in the front of the shopping cart, which at the time was a BIG deal. so liberating for everyone! the boys interaction with costco has evolved in such tremendous ways. they now walk from the car into the store and head straight for the toy aisle. the only time they so much as touch the cart is when they each take a side, wrap their fingers around the top grating, mount the bottom frame and catch a free ride to the check-out.

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