warm holiday wishes

we’re talking literally warm. it’s 70 degrees today and should equal if not exceed that tomorrow. gotta love living in the south!

we are having a wonderful and relaxed holiday so far, with a forecast of more of the same. lee-lee, papa rick and nana are showering us all (especially the boys) with lots of love, great food and fun presents. we’re on our fourth night of hannukah punctuated with christmas eve and day, followed with more hannukah. what could be better?!? the boys think every present is a “choo-choo!?” and have adeptly learned the words “anna-ka,” “norah” and “dee-dee tee, ights, pretty!” thanks to hannukah presents, their new favorite things are “pay-doh!” and “paint!” just wait until they see those gleaming red new trikes papa mickey and family got for them – oi vay!

we truly hope that no matter what you choose (or choose not) to celebrate this season, it is a time abundant with love, content, friends and family.

sending our love,

tracey, jordan, abel, oskar, matilda, ally and romeo

p.s. just a few random photos from the past few weeks

enjoying the warmth of december at the park – oz man has become the ultimate bouncer

pre-holiday prep at costco

just because – the boys love wearing headbands and have this bizarre obsession with lifting their legs in the bath. water aerobics 80s style, anyone?

our first night of hannukah – trains, trains and more trains.

abie gives nana a big hug of gratitude

oz decorates the tree with freshly fallen leaves

oz demonstrates his multitasking abilities. getting more leaves while trying to figure out what uncle mark and aunt laura sent him.

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