week two

i’m pleased to report that we had an insanely great first week of school. each day was better than the next. on tuesday and wednesday, abel cried a little when i said goodbye, but i kid you not he was calm and playing before i even walked out of the classroom (maybe 20 seconds later?). i can’t even get that kid to settle down that fast. thursday was a gorgeous morning, so said goodbye to them at the playground. they were both so psyched to play with the steering wheels again, they could have cared less about me. friday, school was old hat and they walked in, took of their coats, said “bu-bye mommy!” and went on their merry way. unbelievable. i heard great reports of how much fun they had during the day. and only on tuesday, after their nap at home, did they wake up really clingy and upset. i felt like they were 10 months again, when i could barely put them down. but that was the last of any post-school stress, thank god.

i was a little worried what would happen today, after a weekend of spending all of their time with us. abel was a little somber in the car, but once we got to school, he was psyched! a perfect drop-off again. today is also the first day the boys will be napping there. last week i picked them up right before nap-time. they got to see all the kids set up their mats and snuggle in. we talked a lot about how they would nap at school today over the weekend, and i think they are prepared for it. honestly, though, it’s totally bizarre for me to think of those guys sleeping anywhere but their cribs. we have kept the same naptime routine for the past 18 months. diaper changes, books, music (latin lullabye, which i’ve heard probably 687,459 times), and me reciting “bear snores on” while i bounce them (seperately) on the stability ball. i think i will be reciting bear snores on while i’m on my death bed, it’s that engrained. so today is a little bittersweet. and i’m wondering how the boys will do not having this routine before nap.

when i asked their teacher when i should pick them up, i was shocked to hear 3:30. 3:30!!! nap time goes from 12 – 3pm, with a half hour for transition. A THREE HOUR NAP WINDOW! i call it a great day if they sleep for an hour and 45. it’s a stellar, fantastic day if they go for two or more hours. i’m really interested to see how they adapt to this and if they sleep longer being in the company of other kids who are sleeping. this aside, i really didn’t expect the boys to be at school that long. 9-3:30 is a long day! 6.5 hours! i’m a little stunned to think of having that much time away from them. but just think of what i can accomplish!

all in all, this school transition has gone remarkable. i couldn’t ask for it to have gone any better. i truly believe the preparation we did paid off big time. i also believe that the boys were ready for this. they love their teachers. they love being with all the other kids. they love the structure and the independence of montessori. since starting school, they only want to sit on the big chairs (forget the boosters), they want to eat off our regular plates, they want to drink out of regular cups (which they do at school). i’m already witnessing the difference a week of school is having on their vocabulary. so many new words. more stringing words together. the boys have always been very independent beings, but now it’s really exploding and it’s so exciting.

school rocks!

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