napping during nap time – what a concept!

i feel like i’m obsessively documenting the boys’ transition to school. sorry!

this week, they started napping at school. on monday i got the call at 1:30. the boys were not sleeping. i decided not to pick them up for the sake of helping them transition faster. they weren’t upset, so figured what’s the harm of having them chill out on their mats for…three hours! it still seems like an awfully long time to me. tuesday, i didn’t get a call so i was optimistic they had napped. no deal, though. the good news was they didn’t need the teachers sitting next to them to be content on their mats. that night they fell asleep at 6:30 before their little bodies even touched the mattress. i don’t even remember the last time that happened.

yesterday, as i counted the minutes to pick them up, i wondered how long this nap transition would take. and to my surprise, they both slept! oz clocked a whopping 1hr45min and abie a mere 60min. but we’ll all take it! hopefully today will be better for mr. abel.

i have made the executive decision that 3:30 is just too late for me to pick them up. i’ve noticed the boys being a little cranky and clingy in the evenings and i think it’s just because they are not getting the quality time they need with us. and I’M not getting the quality time I need with them. why should the boys have to quietly lay on their mats for an hour plus when they could be with me? Since naptime starts around 12, i’m going to head to school around 2 and if they are up, great, if not, i’ll just read a book until they wake up. that way we can have our snack and enjoy the majority of the afternoon together. we’ll see how it all shakes out.

the guys have also steadfastly held onto their blankies (and abel his binky) all day at school. it was obviously important for them to have these during the first week. but as they aren’t allowed to do this at home, we didn’t want the habit to start, so the teachers have been working on them putting them down at school…to no luck. this morning i worked with the teacher to move their cubbies within easy reach and showed the boys where they can put their comfort objects until naptime. oz nixed the idea right away, but abel willingly put his blankie and binky in the bin and walked away. brilliant! we’re going to be really patient with oz, but i’m thrilled that abel feels that comfortable to put away is binkie. it tells me a lot about his experience.

as for me, i’m really enjoying this new found time. i’m still adjusting to it all, and mainly just cooking, cleaning, organizing, going on errands, and having some nice coffees with friends. i figure i deserve the downtime. next week, however, i’d like to ramp it up a bit and get a good routine going at the gym as well as build us some new IKEA kitchen cabinets, which have been sitting in the garage all flat-packed. i do find myself really missing the boys, especially around 1:30 – 2pm. i think that’s my threshold right now, so even more reason to pick them up around that time. i’m so grateful i have the option to be flexible and that our school is so accomodating.

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