two birthdays and many pictures later

the boys had a wonderful birthday last week. lee-lee came to visit. nana was here, of course. the boys were very aware that it was their birthdays and it was a special time! unfortunately, they were also battling some cold virus, but they remained in really high spirits despite a few days of fever, coughs and lots of snot. we played it really low key and just had a celebration at home with the family. lots of presents, lots of ice cream (abel’s new favorite word), lots of rice krispy treats and lots of singing, hugs, kisses and laughing. on friday, the boys played hookie from school and the grandmas took us to san antonio. we at at mi tierra (awesome!) and the boys got a full-on happy birthday serenade that they were less than thrilled about. all in all, a pretty awesome two for two.

abel blows out the candle on his sticker cake

my mom calls abel an impchnick for good reason

even the animals are obsessed with elmo!!!

the boys LOVED their brooms from nana and lee-lee

oz has the open-mouthed look of surprise when opening a present down pat!

oz plays with rocky and emily, their new trains from mommy and daddy

abie’s conversation with his new shark friend, whom he adores!

getting ready for bed and another failed attempt at a family picture

at first they were okay with the mariachis…

…until they got too close. sorry guys!

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