when it rains, it pours

i don’t know if this week can get any crazier. oz had a rough night on sunday and greeted monday with a fever. he stayed home with me while abel braved school all by himself for the first time (which he did amazing!). the workers arrived monday at noon and gutted our kitchen. scraping popcorn ceiling and floating sheet rock began yesterday, which stunk our house to holy hell. i met with my old boss this morning about going back to work (part-time, thank god), and it looks very promising. picked nana up from the airport at noon. got call from school that they woke up abel from his 3 hour nap and he has a 103 fever. raced to pick him up and found him sleeping in the middle of the floor while all the kids ate their snacks (heart breaking). he perked up at nana’s, where we’ve been spending our early evenings and eating dinners, and proceeded to eat half a jar of apple sauce. i should have known better. we got home for bedtime and moments after walking in the door he puked all over me. poor, poor little man. at least he’s sleeping soundly now and the fever seems at bay for the time being. tomorrow they’re supposed to start installing our cabinets. oh gosh, i hope they do. it will be amazing to have a new kitchen in a matter of five days. and, at the moment, the luxury of having a counter to work on is making me swoon.

it’s hard to believe that we’ve had two sick kids, at separate times no less, a kitchen remodel project that’s half way complete, and a part-time job offer – and wednesday is not even over. i can’t wait to see what we can cram into thursday and friday!

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