lame bloggess

to anyone out there still reading, i have to apologize for the lack of posts. i’m so lame. but things around here have been crazy busy and i’m not lying! the latest and greatest is that we have a NEW KITCHEN! i promise i’ll take some pictures and post them this weekend. there is still painting to be done, but other than that, it’s finito. yours truly installed the river rock backsplash over the past few days and i’ve learned that i’m born to grout. it’s very zen!

oh, and i’m starting a freelance job on monday which will turn into a full-fledged part-time job come april. with the boys in school and loving it, it’s back to the grind for mommy! it’s with my former employer (the Texas Historical Commission) essentially picking up where i left off two years ago. i’m very excited, especially since some of my favorite people in the world work there!

but who cares about the kitchen and me when there are two crazy toddlers wrecking havoc around here! we woke up this morning to a loud thud followed by even louder crying. j and i (and mati!) ran into the boys room to find ozzy standing in the middle of it. after getting lots of kisses on his boo-boo’d head, he proceeded to recount with pride how he launched himself up and over the crib. all i can say is, “CRAP!” things were looking so good and i truly thought we’d be one of the lucky families that didn’t need to deal with crib climbing. but now we do. i’m not going to rush into anything, though. we’ll play it by ear and see if it turns into a trend or not. and if it does, i’m going to take my fellow twin mom’s advice and invest in some crib tents. we’re just not ready for free-bedding it right now.

over the past month, the boys have expertly demonstrated that they are officially two years old. they have been kicking our butts in every way imaginable – testing all limits imaginable, being particularly destructive, throwing tantrums, hitting and pushing each other left and right, and showing off their new-found physical prowess and boldness (head stands, forward rolls, balance beam-aka-curb walking and jumping, trying to jump out of shopping carts, and now crib launching, etc.) that’s seriously keeping us on our toes. we’re muddling our way through it sometimes, but most of the time we’re seriously enjoying the brilliance of abie and oz. sentences are flowing out of their mouths, grace out of their limbs (must post video of their ballet “attitudes!”), and love from every cell of their bodies. they embrace life to the fullest and it’s amazing and inspirational to witness.

so i’ll leave you with that. and the pledge that i’ll finish and post the ten or so drafts i’ve started and get some pics of the boys and the kitchen up!

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