tids and bits and a little video

the boys new obsession, abel in particular, is to “wash hands?!?!” i set up both stools in our bathroom where there are two sinks and the boys climb up there and proceed to turn on faucet (cold only!), wash, turn off, dry on towel…repeat…like 50 times…until i say it’s time to move on to something else. abel would wash his hands all day if he could.

jordan greeted the boys this morning decked out in a suit (he had a meeting). ozzy looked at him and said, “daddy tie suit!” jordan said, “yah, oz, daddy’s wearing a suit today.” whereby oz looked down, patted his chest and proclaimed, “ozzy choochoo suit!” (oz was wearing his train pjs). we just can’t get enough of this stuff!

the boys are now wielding knives. they put cream cheese on their bagels and like to practice cutting them up.

the boys have made the transition to regular cups. no more sippies for these big boys! they exclusively drink from dixie cups at school, so we figured it was time to do this at home, too. last night they both got to drink water from our beautiful hand-blown turquoise juice glasses. they were PSYCHED!

we found a brilliant way to manage abel’s recent binky obsession (thanks to ms. surangi, they’re montessori director). abel can have his binky whenever he wants it, however he must not suck on it. if he chooses to put it in his mouth, then the binky goes back in the drawer. since implementing this on saturday, abel has not put the binky in his mouth ONCE! and he gets it and holds it for like 3 minutes and then puts it down to do more important things. AMAZING!

oz is showing awesome potty-readiness. he now tells us he needs to go poo-poo BEFORE it happens (like 10 minutes before). as soon as he makes a poo, he IMMEDIATELY wants to be changed. we’re not rushing into anything, but it’s nice to see these signs.

the guys continue to amaze me at how they are not scared of anything. we are now reading “where the wild things are” and they think it is the most amazing book ever. they personalize every monster. “ozzy monta! abie monta! mommy monta! daddy monta!” and after a 4 month long thomas stint, they are now requesting to watch, “back-ga-gan teedee!” their favorite backyardigans is the halloween episode with the mummy, werewolf and dracula!

“running hugs” is perhaps my favorite thing in the world to do with my boys. it’s a pre-bath ritual. sometimes it’s just me, most of the time ozzy runs to daddy for hugs and abie runs to mommy. there’s nothing like a toddler, let alone two, running at you full speed with arms outstretched!

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