synchronized cribs antics

i’ve jumped on the bandwagon of fellow blogger goddess and am posting a video in honor of her thursday theater! we took this video of the boys maybe a month ago and it cracks me up every time i see it. when we’re in the moment, it’s hard to see how synchronized they actually are, and it wasn’t until i watched the video that it hit me over the head! they LOVE to play in their cribs and they especially love to do “ring around the rosey” in fast-mode. they sing it, too, but most of the time it comes out sounding like, “ring, rah, ray! ping pah, pay! ashes! ashes! fall dooooooowwwwnnnnn!” i guess that’s to be expected when you’re running in circles at full speed. and note, the boys NEVER play ring around the rosey in the traditional sense. they think that’s crazy business when we try and do that.

i should also note that every day they develop some new move in their crib repertoire. ozzy’s new move is to post one foot on the crib slat and balance on the other foot, hands free. it kind of looks like the karate kid balance move! he also likes to stand or sit and have you throw him a kiss, by which he acts like he’s been “hit” or “shot” and falls backwards onto his back or side. abel continues to perfect his jump to pike and his forward roll. maybe next weeks thursday theater will be “sport” and i can get some footage of these new crib feats!

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