O.M.G. – Thursday Theater

Playing along again with Goddess’s Thursday Theater theme. This video was taken around Christmas, which seems like light years ago. How do kids change so fast in just a matter of a few months?! Anyways, one thing that doesn’t change is how much of a gigglepuss Abel is. I’ve documented it before, but this one truly takes the cake. He is possibly the most easily amused kid that ever lived.

Here, Abel is watching my dad play chess on the computer. I wasn’t witness to this, as my mom recorded it while Jordan and I were enjoying an afternoon and evening off. When I saw the video, I originally thought it was one of those chess games where the characters do all sorts of crazy, grotesque things when one takes the other. But I learned this wasn’t the case. This was a plain, old, boring chess game.

Not to Abel, apparently. Oh. My. God.

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