what a difference picture day makes!

for the past 6 months, the boys have been less-than-cooperative to have their picture taken in any formal way. they’re great with the candids and action shots, but if asked to sit or pose or god forbid smile, you’ll have a picture of two painfully unhappy boys. you can imagine my skepticism when i heard about picture day at their school. should we even waste our money? i figured even if the pictures turned out horrendous, it would be nice to start our collection of their annual school portraits. hell, i have enough pictures of them from all angles to stuff a museum dedicated to them, but posed professional pictures? not a one.

i talked it up with the boys and even though oz ran into school proclaiming, “pitchers! pitchers!” they were undeniably skeptical and clingy during our drop-off routine. the photographer asked if it would be better for me to stay with them. “if you want a picture of two toddlers clinging to me and grimacing, then sure!” i replied. i knew as soon as i walked out the door, they would be all over those pictures. why is it that i bring out the insecure side of my kids?!

of course, when i picked them up in the afternoon their teacher said they did fantastic and they got adorable shots of them. they were total hams for the photographer. and miraculously, when i suggest taking a picture now, these are the kinds of results i’m getting. let’s just say, i LOVE picture day!

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