miracles do happen!

today was the day to see the results from the boys’ picture day at school. i had no idea what to expect. they HATE posing for photographs (well, until picture day). i imagined grimaces, crocodile tears, or maybe the stone-cold look the boys have recently perfected, all perfectly framed with a bright blue mottled background. but never this:



AMAZING! they are actually sitting together…smiling! and they even have their arms propped up on the fake pumpkin! how the heck did they do that?! these folks really know how to get you, because i was so overwhelmed by how well the pics came out (i was actually laughing hysterically and couldn’t contain myself), that i couldn’t think straight and just ordered the “special package” for $99. it’s all good, though, because after we keep what we want, dole out the rest to the g-parents, and send to family and friends, i’m sure it will either be a wash or we’ll come out ahead.

so for our first foray into professional pictures, i have to say i’m totally delighted. i don’t even mind the schmaltzy woods in the background and the fact they have a pumpkin prop for a spring portrait. in many ways, it’s the quintessential posed pic, a right of passage if you will. and i just love it.

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