i missed my calling

last thursday i packed my bags, kissed my boys and boarded a cramped plane to chicago. it was tough to leave. this was my first time spending even one night, let alone four, away from abie and oz. two months ago, as they whipped out the terribleness of twos, i would have said, “bring it on!” but they have been little angels these past weeks and every day has brought so much joy. but my best friend from college is getting married in a month and it was time to celebrate!

bran is a total free spirit and has been known to party like a rock star, and since i had planned the bachelorette party, i knew we were all in for a good time. what i didn’t realize was that i was, apparently, a pole dancer in a past life. evidence:

it’s nice to know that my body isn’t as broke down as i think it is. after two kids, i can still rock the stripper pole! i can also sleep until noon if given the opportunity, which i demonstrated twice in the four day span. it was – hmmm, how should i put it – DELICIOUS! probably the single thing that i miss most since becoming a parent.

needless to say, i had an amazing weekend with some truly amazing ladies. i can not wait to celebrate bran and ed’s wedding in one month. i love you, b! and my wonderful husband deserves a few weekends of sleeping in for taking such fantastic care of our boys while i was away playing. you are the best, j!

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