the gods must be crazy

i’ve been holding off on spreading the news of the craziness we’ve gotten ourselves into. not to worry – the crazies are all good, but it’s crazy nonetheless. in chronological order:

1. jordan quit his job at UBS today and moved his business to Morgan Stanley. congrats honey! and if anybody needs a financial planner amidst this economic chaos, a second opinion on their investments (always a good thing), life insurance, or is in the middle of a life event (job change, retirement, marriage, babies, divorce, etc.), give jordan a call! 512/963-1654. he’s amazing, but i’m not biased in the least 😉

2. both jordan and i will be away from the boys overnight for the first time since their birth. brandy and ed are getting married at the end of this month and we are going to chicago alone! the boys will be in the capable and loving hands of nana and lee-lee.

3. we’re moving! we found the land/house of our dreams. it happened completely unexpectedly…we weren’t even looking (you might remember we just finished remodeling our kitchen?!). but when you find something you love, and the getting is good, you just have to go for it. we’ll be living on an acre of hill country and the house has a rustic lodge sort-of feel. so much character! we close two days before we leave for chicago and we’ll move by june 15. here’s a sneak peek:

we’re trying to rent our current house, which is a fabulous place. just in case you know of someone moving to austin or looking for a house in town, please send them to our craigslist posting. i will really miss being in this neighborhood. it is, perhaps, the most family-friendly place i’ve ever lived.

the boys seem to be genuinely excited about moving to “the house in the woods;” every time we ask them if they want to live there, they enthusiastically say “yah!” which in my book, means A LOT, since every other wood out of their mouths is NO!

our heads are spinning a bit with all that’s going on, but we’re just going to try to take every thing in stride and keep our eyes on the big picture. it will be nice when july hits and we can sink into our new digs and enjoy the crazy hot austin summer.

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