Number One!

Abel and Oskar both made pee-pee in the potty today. Horray!!!

They have both been sitting a lot on their potties lately, reading books, etc. But with no results. Today I upped the ante and told them they’d get a jelly bean if they made pee-pee and a chocolate if they made a poop. Let’s just say Oz was mega-motivated, because he emptied his bladder on the spot. As soon as Abel saw what Oz produced, he was hell-bent on making a pee too. Success!

Now the boys are obsessively talking about chocolate, so maybe we’ll see Numero Dos in the near future.

I know this is hardly even the beginning of our potty training adventures, but I’m thrilled about it nonetheless. I wasn’t even planning on pushing it until after we moved and were settled, but I’m just going to provide them ample opportunity for potty-sitting and reward them for any results. We’ll see what happens!

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