did i tell you we’re moving on friday?

we’ve had quite the to-do list lately.

first up, go to chicago for my bf’s wedding. it was awesome. even more awesome was the day jordan and i got to do anything we darn well pleased and had no responsibilities or plans. heaven! check.

second up, i had a work trip. i left for north texas three days after we got back to chicago and facilitated an eight hour planning session. i was gone for 24 hours, six of which was driving and six of which were sleeping. i was exhausted! check.

third up, finding free boxes. this was more daunting then i thought it would be, but i refused to stress out. every time we called on a craigslist post, we were five minutes too late. but friday night i scored big and hit the mother load at a house only five minutes away! check.

fourth up, pack up the house. oi vay. i’m the worst procrastinator when it comes to this. but as soon as i’m done with this post, i’m off to purge and pack. did i mention that our new house is 300 sq. feet smaller than the one we’re in. purge i will! this week will be all about packing, craigslist and freecycle.

fifth up, move! friday is the day. and i couldn’t be more excited. jordan and i visited the house yesterday with our contractor (just some minor things, like building a stair rail so our kids don’t free fall off the open steps up to our room). i honestly didn’t want to leave. it already feels like home.

sorry about the utter lack of posts, but i really have been busy! and so i don’t just leave you with a bunch of words, here are some random pics from the past few weeks.

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