new house…happy!

we did it! we officially live in the house in the woods. last week was total crazy chaos getting everything packed up, getting the new house ready, getting the old house ready for renters. at one point i actually thought, “how can i stop all of this?” but we made it and we all feel great.

it’s safe to say that the boys are in love with their new house. we said goodbye to the old house friday morning and i took them to school. i expected the worst when we drove home from school and went to the new house. thoughts of clingy-ness, crying, demanding the old house, not going to bed, staying up all night, waking up a hundred times disoriented, not taking naps, etc, etc. there has been nothing but sunshine, happiness, playing and good sleep. in fact, they have been happier here in the new house for the first three days, then any random day at the old place. go figure! when we put them to bed the first night, abel looked up at me and said, “new house. new room. i happy!” other than ozzy getting stung by a wasp saturday morning, it has been totally uneventful (and he was fine a few minutes later, no reaction, thank god).

i have to give a huge shout out to nana who has been a lifesaver this past week. she helped us pack last week. she was here for bedtime the first night. she took the boys both days over the weekend in the mornings so j and i could unpack and get rooms set up. her help really made all the difference in the world. and the boys truly love spending time with her.

so there you have it! i can’t wait to take some pics once we are more settled.

oh, and in case you’re wondering, jordan and i think we are living the dream at this place. we pinch ourselves every time we look out the windows and see nothing but woods of live oaks and cedars and monarchs and hummingbirds. it really feels like paradise!

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