it’s not the first time i’ve used this title for a post. i’m beginning to see a pattern emerge – i’m just not the kind of person that likes things rock steady. i thrive in change, whether it be a new environment, a new job, a new challenge. i guess that’s why the universe threw me twins. i’d never have to worry about another dull moment. not that i’d let that happen anyway!

we’re settling in nicely to our new digs. we L-O-V-E our new home. i’ll write more about the love affair and i promise pictures. my camera finally emerged yesterday so now i have no excuse not to document this place we now call home. i met with a landscape architect today (laurie over at dig it gardens), and i’m totally jazzed about how we can make this place even more special.

i’m starting my part-time job on wednesday. whoa! i have been working on a contract basis for the THC (not what you think, people! more like the Texas Historical Commission), and starting mid-week will begin my permanent 20-hour a week gig with them. i’m excited! but also a little sad that my pretty flexible days will be fewer and farther between.

i started aerial dancing! jordan and i witnessed “Impermenance” a few weeks back and it was awe-inspiring. i’d been flirting with the idea of taking classes a few months ago, but witnessing this performance kicked my butt in high gear. i took a private lesson with Nicole over at Blue Lapis Light last thursday and have another scheduled for this thursday. it was unbelievably fun and so crazy hard and challenging. but there were a few moments when i felt like i was really flying.

i guess i should also mention some changes with the boys (but when are things NOT changing with those crazy men?!). they equally love their new house and have settled in comfortably. i thought moving would stall things like potty training, but i was so wrong. oz has taken an even keener interest and is now regularly using the potty for no. 1 AND 2! he even used the potty at nana’s house this weekend. abel was going strong at the old place, and is taking his time now. but both are making great progress with the very relaxed approach we’ve been taking. we’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool and the nearby beach at the lake, as our daily highs are hitting 105. it’s crazy!

lastly, my friends over at How Do You Do It have set up a beautiful new website that everyone should check out. i’ve updated the link to the left and also added the new logo. new writers, new perspectives, fresh content every day. what more could a girl who likes change want?!

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