circle time

circles bring out the best in the boys. balls, hoops, frisbees, manhole covers, septic tank covers – you name it. if it’s a circle, they’re set. they come up with unlimited games and their imaginations run wild. they are also totally into the concept of “racing.” as in, on your mark-get set-go! they will race each other for HOURS. it’s unbelievably cute, because they clearly don’t care who wins or crosses the finish line first. i think it’s the anticipation of “go!” and the satisfaction of repeating something over and over and over and over again. oh, to be a toddler!

the first set of pictures are at rudy’s, gas station/bbq joint. yah, like you can fill both of your tanks all at once! the boys turned the round septic tank covers (way in the distance) into their starting and finish line. it was a healthy slope up and down, and after 20 minutes of running in the 95 degree temps, they were soaked! the second set of pics is at our brand new library. no kidding, this library opened up last weekend and it’s called “laura’s library,” as in laura bush. we can walk there and the boys just go bananas for it. they have a kickin’ kids room that they can pretty much do as they see fit; tents, masks, puppets, of course books, and…you guessed it…a million moveable circles in all different colors. the boys set up some paths and then spent the best hour of their week hoping from circle to circle and counting how many times they could jump. i don’t even know what possessed me to ask, “can you guys count in spanish?” in unison they busted out one through ten in espanol. amazing what these kids know that i don’t even realize!

we’re fast approaching 2.5 and i know i’ve been pathetic at updating this blog. it’s bumming me out. so it’s my goal to post some “character profiles” of these silly monkeys in honor of their 1/2 birthday. we’re having such a blast and i don’t want to forget about these moments!

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