make way, here come the molars!

i’ve had a draft post about abel for a while now. the past few months have truly been glorious for this kid. happy all the time. always up for an adventure. sweet, loving and the biggest cuddle bunny on the planet. case in point, i was carrying him into the house one evening and gave him a big kiss and said, “abie, you are my big boy!” and he matter-of-factly replied, “no, mommy, abie your little boy.” be still my heart! he is mama’s boy through and through.

there was a time when abel was more of a challenge. very sensitive (like his father), small things would upset him. he was clingy. he whined a lot. he required a lot more attention. in contrast to his brother, mr. independent-i’ll-do-it-myself-thank-you-very-much-and-blow-you-a-kiss-while-i-walk-out-the-door, abel was just more challenging. and i hestitated to ever say anything about it because i knew that one day the tables would be turned. the boys have, yet again, flipped personalities. of course they still retain some of their fundamental characteristics, but our “difficult” child has become the “easy” one and vice versa. i hate those terms, because oz is anything but difficult. but because i’m comparing, well, you know what i mean.

so it was strange this morning when abel seemed a little off. he felt warm and had a temp of 100. jordan asked, “what’s going on?” because of course he had no other symptoms. and then during snack he opened his mouth real wide and i saw the culprit. his first second-year molar had erupted, half of it poking through his gum like a jagged mountain peak. AHA! mystery solved. i wondered when those suckers would come through, and upon further inspection i found oz with some swollen buds. which may explain his recent bout of crankiness, defiance, not wanting to go to sleep EVER, indecision (yah, right, molars – how about just being 2.5).

so here’s a little photo homage to abie’s recent glory days. livin’ it up like a two year old little boy should.

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