it’s potty time!

it’s official. today was our first real potty training day! the boys went from wake to sleep in undies.

the verdict?

they did awesome! did they have lots of accidents? heck yes! but they filled up their sticker chart and then some and went on the potty without any prompting too many times to count.

here are the proud duo, ozzy leading the way:

we have been doing “potty preparation” for god knows how long. i think the boys were 18 months when they started sitting on their potties, fully clothed, for the fun of it. by two, they would occasionally make no. 1, and on a fully moon when all the planets were aligned, they’d go no. 2. we talked about going on the potty every day. we read book after book. we gave incentives (chocolate chips). and they did great, but we never took it that seriously. why rush it?

three weeks ago we got a cool kiddie pool and set it up on the deck. the boys would frolic about naked and i decided to bring their potties outside, just in case. lo and behold, both of them, without any prompting, would stop whatever splashing fun they were in the midst of and sit on their potties whenever nature called. day after day after day. i took it as a sign of readiness and consulted with their teacher for the game plan. we marked our calendars for august 10.

potty training at school today went amazing. abie had only one accident; ozzy two. we continued at home and while they both had accidents, i think it was more my fault for not having them sit on their potties more routinely.

way to go, boys! we are so proud of you and so excited for us all to be liberated from diapers. YAHOO!

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