rockin this potty thing

we’re on day 5 of potty training and it is going, in a word, AWESOME!

they are both exclusively in undies now, save for night time when they wear a pull-up. they are even taking their naps in undies and staying dry, to my disbelief. i’m trusting them more and more and reminding them less and less. they are both very motivated to use the potty and get pretty frustrated when i nag them to go. it’s definitely an independence thing and they want to be in control of the process. i totally get it.

abel is still having some hang-ups with no. two and he’s reluctant to use the potty for this. that’s been the only sucky thing in this whole process. other than that, abel is our potty star. he goes completely by himself, takes his pants and undies off, puts them back on himself, etc. he even went on a big public potty at the vet’s office this morning. love it!

we’re off to costco this afternoon so the boys can pick out whatever truck they want as a reward for potty success. and i’m trying to think of an appropriate celebration for j and i to mark the end of diapers. because I LOVE LIFE WITH NO DIAPERS!!!

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