the apples don’t fall far from the tree

i try hard not to make predictions. and i am SO NOT the kind of parent to force my own present or past interests on my kids. but i can’t help but notice that ozzy and abel have very distinct inclinations and talents related to me and jordan.

i was a competitive gymnast. it was clear to me at a very young age that flipping around was something i loved, and was very motivated to do. jordan did martial arts his whole life, wrestled and is now in the crazy sport of brazilian jiu jitsu.

just so you know, the boys have never seen me do gymnastics nor watched anyone else do it. at least not to my knowledge. likewise for jiu jitsu. for a long time now, abel relishes being upside down. he loves it when i flip him around. he kicks up into handstands when i hold him under his arms. and ozzy has for a long time now tortured abel regularly by tackling him to the ground, mounting him, wrapping his legs around his torso and many times getting him into a rear naked choke. it’s a little scary actually.

i was the proud mama tonight when abel busted out a forward roll. i don’t even know where it came from! but it was awesome. oz wanted to do it too, but he was clearly not getting it. lest i forget his true talent, he decided to show me what he’s all about mid-video. i’m equally proud of him, i just think we need to get him in a class soon so abel doesn’t have to be his wrestling dummy.

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