bring on the bets!

jordan and i had a lovely anniversary this weekend. five big ole’ years! every anniversary it feels like it’s been forever (in a good way), and just like yesterday (in a good way). but when i really stopped to think about the past five years, i was overwhelmed. we’ve moved across country. lived in four residences. remodeled two of them. changed jobs SIX times between the two of us. and grown two amazing little boys. who are now 2.5! it just seems like a lot. i’m hoping our next five years are a bit mellower. and instead of recounting these major life-shifters, we can recount memories of smaller moments that captured our hearts and imaginations. but onto bigger news!

i was curious about one of my presents upon presentation. a large manila envelope. unassuming. definitely not a card. i opened it and pulled out the contents. a picture of a baby on a tri-fold brochure. what’s going on here?

many of you know that we aren’t for certain what type of twins the boys are. we know friends, family and complete strangers who swear on their grave the boys are identical. we don’t think so, but we have no proof either way. i’ve blogged about our dilemma here. well, we’re about to have an answer soon. my very own husband, the one who without a doubt says the boys are fraternal, got me a “family” anniversary gift.

a DNA test!

does anyone want to start putting bets down?

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