phone photo friday – "the good samaritan"

jumping on laura c’s friday theme, i’m posting some photos taken w/ my iphone yesterday at the library. we were leaving the library, just outside the door and the boys found a downspout with rain coming out (hurray!). just then, a school bus pulled up and about 50 fifth graders got out and started walking to the library entrance. ozzy ran to the door before they got there, opened it up (no small feat), and continued to hold it open until every last kid walked passed the threshold. it was unbelievably adorable, especially because the older kids were as sweet as could be and said thank you to him, patted him on the head and gave him high fives! that was all it took for ozzy to be hooked, and the next ten minutes was spent trying to convince him that he didn’t need to open the door for EVERY PERSON entering or exiting.

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2 Responses to phone photo friday – "the good samaritan"

  1. Krissy says:

    That must have warmed your mama heart big time! Way to go Oz!

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