it was just my imagination

it’s totally amazing to witness brain development, at any level, happening in your children. we’ve recently witnessed the birth of abel’s and oskar’s imaginations. i’m sure the bud appeared a while ago, but it’s really starting to bloom. the boys still love to jump in their personal trampolines, i mean cribs, and until a few days ago their favorite activity consisted of jumping in unison and singing every song they knew. rousing rounds of “a, b, c” “twinkle, twinkle” “ring around the rosey” and then of course the improvised “airplane song,” and “dinosaur train song” were among their greatest hits. but this past week there’s a new sheriff in crib jumping land and his name is alligator. “go away alligator! go away!” they shout off the side of their crib as they frantically jump, then scream at the top of their lungs (as the alligator makes its attack), then jump to their butts and wave saying, “see you later, alligator!” and roll to their backs almost completing a somersault. only to be repeated another 1,000 times until they are sweating and out of breath and chugging water like they just finished a biggest loser workout. jordan and i thought we would join the fun a few nights ago. i pretended to be the alligator and then jordan announced, “watch out for the dinosaur!” (sometimes they substitute dinosaur as the aggressor). big mistake. they both totally freaked out and were so scared they jumped out of their cribs and huddled in our arms until we assured them there was no alligator or dinosaur coming to get them.

i guess their imaginations got the best of them.

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