talk to me

the boys are such a riot these days, especially with what comes out of their mouths. i really want to do a better job documenting some of the funny phrases and conversations they have with one another. maybe i’ll keep a pad of paper laying around in every room so i can quickly jot down what i hear.

on another note, the boys have made SERIOUS strides when it comes to manners. over the past two weeks, they have fully integrated please, thank you, excuse me and sorry. and when i say fully integrated, i really mean it. here’s an example: abel was sick yesterday morning and started throwing up. i ran him into the bathroom and he puked in the sink. as he was getting ready to puke again, he loudly said, “TOWEL, PLEASE!” (the few times the boys have been puke-sick, we’ve always had them throw up in a towel, for convenience sake. i guess the sink just wasn’t good enough.) for real, my child said please as he was getting ready to vomit. unbelievable! abel also says, “okay, mommy” more times than not when i ask him to do something. melts my heart every. single. time.

here are some of my recent favs, sans vomit:

ozzy: “i need a bandaid. and i’m not kidding around.” (side note, these boys take their bandaids very seriously. ozzy typically needs a new bandaid before going to bed every night.)

abel: “i have one foot on the scooter and one foot on the ground!” (a master observer)

ozzy: “mommy, tell me an orange juice story.” (??? when taking story requests at bedtime)

abel: “ozzy, go sit on your tushie!”

abel: “abie and ozzy are CUTE, mommy!”

hopefully you’ll never realize how cute you really are!

post-queso bliss at the boys favorite tex-mex place, chuy’s

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One Response to talk to me

  1. Just love it…that's my cutie grandsons! Can't wait to see all of you this weekend.

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