one tough cookie

it’s amazing how resilient and tough these little men can be, really. so much can happen in their lives and they weather it like nothing’s happening.

abel’s been “sick” the past few days. i say it like that because he’s had a low-grade fever and congestion and complained on and off about a sore throat and being tired, but really he’s just been his normal happy-go-lucky-goofy self. so now that we are on his third day of minimal fever and with their best friends’ (another set of twins) birthday in the afternoon, we decide to take abel to the doctor just to make sure we don’t unleash terrible germs on an unsuspecting crowd of kids (and parents!). turns out the poor boy has strep! the doctor couldn’t get over how happy he was in spite of being really sick. i had strep once. i was twenty years old and i’ll never forget how miserable i was. definitely in my top three most sick moments ever.

abel has also demonstrated his masterful resiliency as we’ve methodically transitioned him away from his baby-comforts. on a whim one random day in november, we switched them to big beds with no preparation other than them watching jordan convert their cribs to day beds after nap. they were completely non-phased, both of them, and they’ve never looked back.

and then the time came for the binky. this one was a bit trickier and we were starting to think strategy – maybe a new years resolution. but the stars aligned and just before christmas the binky broke. it was a tiny tear, but enough to render it non-functional. instead of pulling out one of the other three we had as backups, i used my sinister mom-thinking and told abel it was broken and he couldn’t put it in his mouth anymore. he could hold it if he wanted, but it was too broken to suck on. that ushered in two weeks of abel having the binky in his bed but not putting it in his mouth. step two involved a binky fairy (thanks to dawn!) taking the broken binky and leaving in its place a new “going engine” with tracks (aka trackmaster thomas). she would then fix the broken binky and deliver it to a new baby. it was that simple and abel has been binky-free since the first week of january.

in actuality, i think all these changes have affected me more than him. the crib and the binky were the last vestiges of “baby” around here. and to add insult to injury, abel insists we call him “abel” instead of his babyish nickname “abie.” now that these things are gone, we’re left with the stark reality that we have two boys in this house, and they are growing up awfully fast. as of this wednesday, i’ll have two THREE year olds. i love this and i hate this. i adore this age and how much fun we have, how much we can communicate, how hilarious and easy they are, how their relationship has blossomed into a crazy friendship. jordan and i have been in so many moments over the past month and thought, “this is better than how we dreamed it would be.” i hate it because, well, it only keeps going faster from here.

later days, binky!

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