i need a remedy

we started 2010 knocking on wood. every time i talked to friends and they brought up their kids’ coughs, colds, flu, and everything that was going around, i quietly bit my lip, said a prayer, and hoped that the mere realization that the boys had been illness-free for a while didn’t totally jinx us.

i should have known better.

we’ve been in this new decade for a mere two months and both boys have already rebounded from strep – twice – not to mention an ear infection in abel, some weird skin allergy on abel’s penis (i know, TMI, but some lamisil and triple paste took care of it after a $500 dollar visit to a urologist – nice!), and now a round of colds with a nasty cough. and we all know what antibiotics can do to a toddler’s stomach. let’s just say we all got more than we bargained for last week when abel gleefully ran naked into the room, squatted and yelled, “mommy, watch me!” and farted way too loud. it’s been a lovely start to the year!

i’ve never been one to take medicine and i absolutely HATE giving it to my kids, so i’ve started to do my homework on homeopathic and alternative remedies. obviously we needed to give our kids antibiotics for strep, but after our toddler prank gone awry, i decided the yogurt just wasn’t cutting it. i found this awesome product that i think is fantastic: “yum-yum dophilus” by jarrow formulas. it’s true to it’s name – yummy. the boys think it’s candy, but it’s all natural strains of probiotics. within a day, we were regular again – yahoo! we’ve done probiotics before, but they were always a powder i mixed in to their juice and sometimes they drank it and sometimes they didn’t. this stuff is so good, we’re going to stay on it for preventative measures.

next up, the nasty cough oskar got this weekend. he was up all night on saturday and so were we. he honestly coughed every 10 seconds. poor boy. i was on a quest sunday to find a homeopathic remedy for cough and found this miracle: children’s “chestal” by boiron. it tastes like honey, they get a tsp every two hours, and it honestly quelled his cough immediately. i was flabbergasted!

we were blessed with an awesome book at one of our showers called, “smart medicine for a healthier child” by zand, roundtree and walton. this book not only covers typical prescription and OTC medicine, their benefits/negatives/side effects, but more importantly alternative, homeopathic and home remedies for every ailment and illness you can think of. I LOVE THIS BOOK! i’ve been obsessed with it as of late and it hasn’t guided me wrong yet. if you are into alternative treatments and remedies, please pick up a copy.

knock on wood if you all have been doing better than us. or better yet, the thought didn’t even cross your mind.

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2 Responses to i need a remedy

  1. LauraC says:

    Wow. This post reminds me of the first two cold and flu seasons we had in day care where the boys caught Every.Single.Thing. I'm afraid to say it out loud but this has been the easiest cold & flu season for us. It had to be because they've already caught EVERY germ that is in that day care. So… hang in there. It does get better!!

  2. Such great information, thank you for sharing it. And I hope that everyone gets well and stays well!My mother in law sent me an article about honey as a cough suppressant that in tests has been proven to actually be better then the meds us adults usually spend big bucks for. Honey coats the throat and relaxes it and 1 tablespoon before sleep can help with pesky coughs.

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