nice rack!

jordan has become quite the chef. he’s taken a few knife skills classes lately, one of which included crowning a rack of lamb.

cut to the boys. they are virtually vegetarians. save for chicken nuggets (abel), and the whimsy of eating bbq or grilled fish or chicken (oz), they are adamantly anti-meat. add to that our recent reading of eating animals by jonathan safran foer and watching food inc., we’re on the cusp of veggie central around here. and that’s in part why tonight was so darn amusing.

the other part is the boys picky eating. i feel like if they could eat fruit, mac and cheese and nut butter sandwiches and yogurt for every meal, they’d be perfectly content. they do surprise us on occasion and devour deep dish spinach pizza from lou malnatis (thanks again mom!), or grilled salmon in a soy ginger glaze, or nibble straight up lettuce. but for the most part, i feel like we struggle to figure out something that we all want to eat.

i thought tonight’s meal would be a defacto “i not LIKE it!” (whine emphasis). i even prepared myself for complete meal rejection when jordan announced his plan to make that beautiful lamb, fully defrosted in the fridge. it would, without a doubt, be a dinner of sliced apples for the boys. fine.

dinner was served. a gorgeous rack encrusted in panko, garlic, rosemary and dijon. the smell alone was intoxicating. “what’s that, mommy?!” stroke of brilliance comes out of my mouth…”meat lollipops! want one?”

yeah! sure! yummy! meat lollipops!

devoured. every bit of meat cleaned from the bone. no hesitation. it was a wild success. our kids love rack of lamb, eh em, i mean meat lollipops. success via linguistics twist? who knows and i don’t care. all i know is i will gladly be a vegetarian six days out of the week so i can eat that rack of lamb on the seventh. it was that good.

our little abel-tarian devours his meat lollipop

oz demonstrates what “clean to the bone” looks like

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3 Responses to nice rack!

  1. LauraC says:

    N&A are going through a kid-food-only phase too. I've read it's because at this stage in the wild, they would be foraging for themselves so they stick to what's familiar. I've never seen mac & cheese in the wild though.My boys are the same way about meat except they love bacon of any kind.

  2. Love it. LOVE it! My kids are weirdly picky, too. Grilled cheese in any form other than the one I make is not acceptable to Rebecca, but she'll eat almost anything rice-based. Daniel will pitch a fit if I use the wrong flavor jelly in his PB&J (the "right" flavor changes frequently). Oy.

  3. Krissy says:

    That is DARN funny.Nice to see you back!

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