it started cute enough

i work for the state and have ridiculous but welcomed holidays such as “san jacinto day,” “LBJ’s birthday,” and my favorite, “confederate hero’s day.” but do we get off good friday, when banks and the post offices are closed? no.

so off i trudged to work, while jordan and the boys enjoyed a morning at the zoo. jordan’s friend, filip, met them there and they all had a ridiculously fun time. i get this picture mid-morning.

in addition to loving their new friend filip, the boys have two new friends to add to their stuffed animal collection: jacob and greenie. note that abel’s snake is his namesake (his middle name is jacob). oz went the more obvious route, reminding me of the time we named our first teddy bear hamster, “hammie.” when i got home, the boys were beyond thrilled to introduce me to the new members of our family. they even asked if they could take their new pets to feed our neighborhood goats (for another post). sorry guys.

after the goats were fed, we got back home and got ready to leave for dinner out, ozzy inside with me and abel outside with jordan. jordan bursted through the door with abel in his arms, saying, “he was just 5 inches from touching a baby rattlesnake. i have to go kill it. wish me luck.” we run to the window and watch jordan exit the garage with the pooper scooper shovel. i run out and suggest an axe as a better tool. even though i generally hate snakes, i had to see this rattler for myself. so abel and i went with jordan to the spot (clearly ozzy is the only sane one in our bunch, and decided to stay inside)- a sunny rock smack dab in the middle of our backyard. the little guy was all curled up, sleeping peacefully, sunbathing without a doubt. abel was seconds away from petting him when jordan saw what was about to happen and swept him away to safety.

abel and i went inside while jordan took care of business (with the help of our two college-aged neighbor boys). i’ll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say there were three men out there with axes and shovels and their was a lot of action. no more baby rattlesnake.

i immediately felt bad, guilty and semi-responsible for the death of an innocent creature. don’t get me wrong, i don’t want anything to harm my children. but this snake hadn’t harmed anyone. it was just its potential. its very potent potential.

so the snake theme yesterday really did start out cute. and by the end of the day it had turned very ugly. and now we are over-educating the boys on snake safety, getting matilda rattlesnake trained on monday, and will have our landscaper come out next week and clean some areas up on our property. given that we live on an acre of rocky hill country, i really don’t know what else we can do. we share this habitat with the rattlers, and i really hate that one had to be sacrificed. i don’t want my boys growing up with an innate fear of snakes like i did.

the good news is that after much discussion about what happened, the boys are doing fine, and still love jacob and greenie (they are sleeping under their beds while the boys nap as i type this). they are also totally fascinated looking at pictures and videos of rattlers on the computer. let’s all hope this was a positive lesson for us on snake safety. and we don’t have any rattler karma coming our way.

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3 Responses to it started cute enough

  1. YIPES! The things I don't have to think about up here in New England.Very glad to hear there was no bad ending to that story, and that the boys still love their new friends.

  2. mames says:

    Whew. Close call. We live in rattlesnake territory ourselves but not in our backyard, thank god. Glad All was well and hope that is the last you have to see of the real live ones. 🙂

  3. LauraC says:

    SCARY!We've had to teach the boys about lots and lots of critters in our backyard. It's a fine line between teaching them to respect them and teaching them to fear them!

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