our dr. doolittle

oskar is quite the animal spirit. he loves them all, especially the bugs around our house and the felines inside. he scours the plants for caterpillars, plays with the beetles, wiggles with the worms and explores the terrain of the stick bug’s limbs. and oh my, those poor rollie pollies! he has become our go-to bug catcher inside, picking up unwelcome insects and gently (well, most of the time) putting them outside. in this regard, he has become quite the man of the house (which jordan has no problem with).
ozzy’s relationship with romeo, our orange tabby, is ridiculous. romeo sits on his lap and they snuggle; romeo kisses oskar’s nose. oskar hugs romeo and says, “oh my little sweetie kitty boy!” it’s just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. oz doesn’t discriminate his feline affection and is equally attached to his “daddy lion” stuffed animal and the real deal at our local zoo sanctuary. we actually broke down and got an annual membership so he could visit the other daddy lion on a regular basis!
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