summer solstice

now that it’s the first day of summer, i can properly think about the hectic and joyful spring we just left. actually, i don’t even know why i differentiate seasons anymore, given that it’s been in the 90s for several months now.

back in may, lee-lee came for a fantastic mother’s day and 65th birthday visit. this has been our tradition for many years and i hope it doesn’t end anytime soon. even though i’m a mother now, nothing beats spending mother’s day celebrating my own wonderful mama. having jordan’s mom here as well made it that much more special. the boys worship their lee-lee and nana and made them special grandmother day paintings. here is a sampling of their budding artistry:

abel’s colorblocking phase

ozzy drew lee-lee with her family (my fav pic yet!)

the boys with their nana

the boys have successfully transitioned to their new school and they hosted a fantastic mother’s day breakfast. abel made a caterpillar out of egg crate for his class art show (which i immediately had to replicate the activity for oskar when we got home). i’ve realized this is definitely one of the downsides of the boys being in separate classes, but i’ve surprised myself at how crafty i can be at putting together art projects on the fly.

a special mother’s day morning at the boys’ new school

the boys and i with our newly planted sedum pots – a special mother’s day project i got to do with MY mom!

after many weeks of pushing sweaty hair out of their eyes, we finally broke down and got the boys proper haircuts. words can’t describe how cute they were, willingly sitting in the little prop cars as the ladies shaved and snipped.

and just to keep us on our toes and add unnecessary drama into our lives, a month after we split the boys up at their new school, they combined the boys’ classes due to the limited summer enrollment. so for june and july, they are sharing a class and teachers. i was livid at the school’s decision and made my displeasure clear, but there was nothing we could do. i’m trying hard not to let this affect how i feel about the school, especially because the boys clearly LOVE IT and the teachers are great. so we’re just rollin’ with the summer…

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