20 questions and then an answer

The quantity of questions that come out of the mouths of two three year olds is staggering. I love how full of curiosity our boys are. Their inquisitiveness can be hilarious, insightful, and often times exhausting. We often hear these questions many times throughout the day, with “why” taking the cake by a long shot.

1. What’s that smell like?
2. Are you happy mommy?
3. What do lion’s eat?
4. Where’s daddy and Oskar?
5. Did they get lost?
6. Why aren’t they waiting for us?
7. Why?
8. What you saying?
9. What’s wrong with Abel?
10. What letter does that start with?
11. Why?
12. Where’d that come from?
13. Who bought that for me?
14. Why?
15. What’s that noise?
16. Where are we going?
17. Is it this way? Or that way?
18. Are you a girl, mommy?
20. Is it sleepy time?
21. Why is it dark?

Jordan: Because it’s sleepy time.
Abel: No daddy, it’s because the sun went down.

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