Alter Egos

it all started innocently enough at the apple store. we were, as a family, testing out the new iPad. i had the idea of getting one for jordan for father’s day (which we did), but we wanted to make sure it would be a good purchase “for the family.” i parked abel and oz each in front of their own tablet and watched them go to town like nobody’s business. they simultaneously discovered the super why app and it’s been a love affair ever since. we now watch the show, play the games, own the action figures and live with our very own super why twins.

abel and oz are more times then not in super why mode. and they are serious about it. there’s no calling them by their given names, “i’m super why, mommy!” they fly around the house with their capes and masks, zapping found letters with their why writers. it’s hilarious and adorable and, best of all, they are seriously into the mechanics of reading and making huge strides. they constantly ID letters and combinations and sound them out and they are always trying to decipher what letters words start with.

Right after i took these pictures, oz looked up at the storefront sign and said, double L, mommy, says lllell…GRILL! we had just walked out of our fav indian joint, bombay grill! go oz…er…i mean, super why!

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2 Responses to Alter Egos

  1. Lee-Lee (Grandma) says:

    Love my super hero and that stance! Is Abel into it as much as Oskar…afterall he’s the “why” guy!

  2. Jeri monroe says:

    This family is amazing! What wonderfully joy-filled little boys Abel and Oskar are! Love the cape-thing!

    We have seven grandkids, ages 11 down to 6. They, too, are magnificent!

    Have fun this month, Grandma Lee Lee. Bring pictures upon your return.

    Hugs around and blessings,

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