I don’t know how the days turn into months between my blog posts. I vow to do better on an almost daily basis, but blogging continues to fall lower and lower on my list of priorities. I still vow to do better, as this is about the only place I document what happens in our lives in any organized fashion.

I’ve started a list of posts that I must write, but before I do any of that, I must start here: Warrior Dash, Austin 2010. It seems like it happened months ago, with Thanksgiving and time off and parents visiting and the boys moving into bunk beds between now and then. Not even two weeks ago, some totally amazing ladies, most of them bloggers, converged in Austin to jump over fire, scale cargo nets, slosh through a giant (and cold!) bog, fly over rusted out cars and get head to toe muddy-as-hell! It was an absolute blast and reminded me how much I love to be adventurous.

(all photos courtesy of LauraC)

pre-race, so fresh and so clean-clean

the muddy gang

Laura and Lindsay jumping over fire!

But aside from all that, it was more fun to just hang out with Laura, Lindsay, Libby (and her mom Betsey), Sadia, Rachel, Jennifer, Lisa, and Michelle. I had never met any of these ladies in person before and all I can say is I loved every minute of it and there just wasn’t enough time! I admire so many of these woman, now even more so after getting to know them in person. I am also in awe of the dedication they have to telling the story of their families via blogging, some hilarious, some serious, some in between, and they have inspired me to re-enter and re-commit to this path.

This post just wouldn’t be right without giving the biggest cyber shout-out to Laura, who organized this whole adventure and brought us all together. I think I’ve read Laura’s blog every day for the past 4 years and she was even more thoughtful, selfless, funny and brilliant than I had her pegged for. On top of that, she has a major talent with kids and photography, as evidenced in my two new favorite pics of Abel and Oz (who, by the way, keep asking when they will see ms. laura again!):



Thank you ladies for a weekend I won’t soon forget. Maybe next time we can all dash it up in Dallas or Houston (or, gasp, North Carolina. Nothing like a lil’ Texas vs. East NC vs. West NC BBQ showdown!).

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2 Responses to Re-entry

  1. LauraC says:

    YAY for blogging again!
    Discs are going in the mail TODAY. Those last pictures are awesome in B&W, would be good framed. Just saying!

    And thank you for the kind shout out. After taking Mondo, I’ve decided it’s my job to give others permission to do crazy things. As I’ve learned with twins, it just takes one person to start the crazy train rolling!

  2. Kristen says:

    Aww…that sounds like so much fun! I read most of those ladies blogs, too!

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