Oz has a serious crush and her name is…


Yes, the one and only Dora the Explorer. The boys have been watching her on Netflix for a few months now, and she has become nothing short of a daily staple in our house. But it’s gone a step further for Oskar.

Recently, Oz has been requesting/directing Dora stories for our nightly bedtime ritual. It started out with Dora surprising him by showing up to his birthday party. It progressed to Dora coming home with Oz after the party to play, then an innocent sleepover.

But tonight broke new ground.

It started with Dora coming over to wish Oz a Happy Hanukkah. Then he let her play with his new dreidel (and shared it very nicely I might add). But then, in Oz’s words, “Dora touched me sweetly. And it made me tickle.”

At that moment, I looked down at my beautiful child and stars were twinkling in his eyes. Oh boy.

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One Response to Crush

  1. Lee-Lee (Grandma) says:

    This is so incredibly touching. I love that Oskar (and Abel are so sweet and sensitive and have very creative imaginations. I love them so much!

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