holiday withdrawal

we are a 7 days out from the new year’s weekend and i feel like i’m just starting to come out of it. this past week was a little bit like limbo, still longing for the fun and relaxation and lack of working, but at the same time happy to be back in the structure of work and school and the gym (as well as focused on some new year’s goals!). i still want to do the holidays justice, because despite the boys and i getting some bizarre 24-hour stomach flu illness, were pure delight. so here goes the recap.

we had a lovely christmas eve with a house full of old and new friends and family and, seriously, one of the tastiest dinners i’ve ever experienced thanks to our culinary-talented guests. lee-lee and nana were staples, of course. nana’s friends sue and tim (from minnesota – always nice to have more midwesterners around!) joined in. jordan’s vegetarian serbian friend, flilp, charmed the boys silly. sadia and her beyond adorable girls, jessica and melody spent most of the day with us. the kiddos runned around, played on the bunk beds, watched polar express for “quiet time” (lucky ducks!), and just were beyond wonderful gems. we even inaugurated the “kids table” at our home this year, with abel, oz, mel and jess eating dinner at the table next to ours. ahhhh…the memories! my two favorite moments were watching jordan play “bear” and chasing the shrieking kids around the house and being at the center of the dora christmas book huddle. pure joy!

christmas was another full house for brunch with my brother and SIL, mark and laura, laura’s parents bill and judy, nana, lee-lee and our dear friend anne. the boys got their presents in waves, but it was still too much for them, i think. they would have been happy as clams getting two presents each and spending the whole day playing with them. the highlights for sure were the airport/airplane play set, the PBK camo luggage and everything toy story 3. they traveled the globe in their imaginations on christmas day alone!

the nastiness hit us in the middle of the night after christmas. oz went down first, then abel, then me. thank god jordan stayed healthy and was able to take care of us, because we were totally non-functioning. the next day, as we were starting to recuperate, i realized the boys and i hadn’t been outside in over three days! we hightailed it to mandolas for dinner, just to get some air. jordan had a fire burning for almost 72-hours straight – thank you honey! it made all the time spent in the house that much more special and cozy.

we celebrated new years with our tradition of gorging on fresh lobster. this was the first year that we decided to include the boys (we typically feast-out after putting them to bed). we really had no choice, since the boys came with me to pick out our lobsters, after which they named them, played with them, and insisted on eating them too. i wasn’t sure how the whole lobster eating would go over with them. let’s just say our kids have expensive taste! we lit some fireworks with the boys after dinner, put them to bed, watched a movie and went to sleep feeling like we lived in a war zone with the fireworks bursting over our house for a solid two hours.

i woke up on new years day with a raging headache (thank you champagne!), not even able to remedy it with some soul-satisfying coffee thanks to my jan. 1 start to a 21-day cleanse. i’m closing in on day 9 as i type – no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar, only fruits, veggies and a bevy of supplements – and have never felt better. but more on my new year’s goals next post. this was a holiday to remember, truly filled with love and joy and warmth.

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