day of record

wednesdays and fridays are my days with the boys. we usually play it pretty low-key and just enjoy each other. in general, i’ve also been known to push scheduling a little tight. it’s fine when it’s just me rushing around, but with two little guys in tow, it can be a bit more challenging. when we set off for our morning activities on wednesday, i knew we’d be making our errands by the skin of our teeth, or not at all. but we had no food in the house, i had my personal trainer appointment (and i’m being relentless about my NY goals!), and if we didn’t pick up our CSA basket by 12:30, there goes our veggies for the week. my mantra as we pulled out of our driveway at 9:45am was, “we can do it! we can do it!” here’s how it unfolded:

10 am – arrive at central market (whole foods competitor) to complete our weekly grocery shopping (i.e. not a small list); oz concedes to sit in the cart, abel is free-rolling
10:37 am – shopping and check-out complete.  you read that right. 37 minutes from start to check-out with two nearly 4-year old boys. and not one item missed. and i didn’t even feel frantically out of control. i swear this has got to be in the guinness book of world records! clearly god was on our side.
10:47 am – pull out of parking lot. (i love that it takes us 37 minutes to grocery shop and TEN FREAKING MINUTES to get in the car. classic!)
10:55 am – pull into gym parking lot
10:59 am – drop off nuggets at the day care
11:02 am – make my personal training appointment and my trainer is ON THE PHONE. why was i rushing?! regardless, i get my tush handed to me during the workout.
12:05 pm – pick up the boys
12:19 pm – pull out of gym parking lot (again, 15 FREAKING MINUTES to get in the car). have to drive downtown to pick up the CSA box and i can literally see the truck leaving with my lone box in it. must drive really fast!
12:32 pm – pull up to the pick-up and they are still out there and my co-worker hasn’t even arrived to pick up his box yet. load up the hugest cauliflower known to man kind, along with other amazing produce fresh from the farm. what was i worried about?
12:37 pm – pull away, take a huge deep breath, and drive home at 30 mph the entire way.

when we got home, i realized that both kids were still in their buzz lightyear pajamas and abel was commando.



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2 Responses to day of record

  1. Lee-Lee (Grandma) says:

    That’s my girl!

  2. That is freaking awesome. On ALL fronts. 🙂

    And yes, somehow it always does take 10-15 minutes to get in the car, no matter what. Why is that??

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