excuse me while i futz

what can i say, i just get bored. especially with the look of this blog. i haven’t had the time or energy to snaz this place up, but i really want to. tonight i’ve had a lot on my mind and i’ve found myself at the computer between the hours of 2am and 6am, hence the new look. hopefully there will be more tweaking during normal business hours and i’ll really get this place shaped up a bit.

i didn’t have “blog improvement” on my list of new year goals, however i am very pleased to report that, in addition to the cleanse, i have checked off two more of my new years goals. these goals were inspired by laura, who opened my eyes to the desperate nature of my photo organization. i made 2011 the year of photo organization for me and straight out of the gate:

1. i deleted OVER 6,000 PHOTOS from our iphoto library. that equals more than half the lot! and it felt oh so good.

2. i signed up with mozy.com and have since backed up all of our precious photos, videos and various .data files that i can’t even begin to imagine what they are. 35 GB worth of stuff protected. whew!

having accomplished these two things makes me feel very good. next task up is having important pictures on negatives scanned (ahem, all our wedding photos!), which there magically appeared a groupon for britepix.com that i promptly purchased. amazing how the universe works! also on the list is editing down our printed pictures, buying nice photo boxes for organized storage, and printing the blog in book form.

last but not least, as i was going through photos i found this picture of oskar that went previously unnoticed. i don’t even know how he managed to contort his face in this manner, but i’m really glad the camera captured it. here’s to my year of photography!

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2 Responses to excuse me while i futz

  1. LauraC says:

    If I do one thing before I die, it’s getting people to protect their photos.
    6000 deleted WOW! Impressive!

  2. Dana lockhart says:

    Still looking for a good site thatcan help me print the blog to book form. We’re about done with it (I know, so sad!) but I don’t want it to just sit in no-mans land forgotten somewhere in Internet land! Let me know what you find!

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