house and home

the quantity of food the boys are consuming is astronomical these days. take today for example. breakfast was ridiculous and consisted of a 2-egg omelette, a veggie sausage and grown-up sized bowl filled with a fruit smoothie (with protein and veggie boost powder to boot) and granola on top. lunch was rice and beans and fruit. oh, I forgot the bagel with cream cheese, too. they each noshed on a big pink lady apple dipped in cashew butter for an afternoon snack. dinner was a plate of linguini with turkey bolognese, fresh spinach and a chocolate-covered strawberry.

our grocery bill has skyrocketed lately; we are buying 2 dozen eggs a week just to keep up with these dudes! honestly, i didn’t think this would happen until they were, at the earliest, in jr. high.

so if this is what they’re eating at 4 years old and 34 lbs, what the heck will our food budget need to be when they’re in high school and bringing friends over for dinner all the time?!

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