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the boys have a thing for crocs. despite our less-than-positive attitude about them, they managed to wear them almost every day during their third year on this earth. we were able to get them off their addiction for about a year and just haven’t allowed crocs in the house since. but something clicked when we were in the mall yesterday passing the croc section in nordstrom. those dang plastic squishy shoes grabbed a hold of oz and abel and just wouldn’t let go. thankfully i spotted a glorious alternative.


it’s as if crocs hooked up with a pair of chuck taylors and spawned these beauties. full coverage and sleek, but with fun comfort and the requisite drainage holes. it took some convincing, but the boys finally relented (maybe when they realized it were these or nothing). it didn’t hurt that nana sponsored the splurge (fyi they are the same price as their ugly cousins).

the boys are now happy as clams in their croc-proxies and j and i don’t have to deal with the shoes we just can’t stand. now that’s a match made in heaven!

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