two loads deep with two waiting in the wings, our dryer decided to call it quits. actually, it’s just the heating element, but at 1.5 years old and outside the standard warranty, how frustrating is that?! they just don’t make things like they used to.

with baskets of damp, cold clothes waiting to be dried, i asked j if he would hang the clothesline we bought (and never installed) for taking care of our comforters and quilts (you know, the kind that take 3 hours in the dryer and still come out damp in the middle). in a matter of minutes, our side yard had that idyllic, summer, classic americana feel. add al fresco taco night, real ale IPAs, austin cake balls and two little boys swinging from a rope tied to a tree, and the evening was just about as perfect as it could be.

maybe i should just cancel that repair service for today.

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