independence day

oh my, it has been a while! i have no excuses for my ridiculous absence, but man oh man, a lot has happened between then and now.

the boys are nearing that halfway point between 4 and 5 and it’s just not fair. it seems like yesterday we were celebrating their 4th birthday and now they are already planning what kind of party, down to the details of the cake and pinata, they will have when they turn 5. i keep having to remind myself how old they are because it’s racing by that fast!

i am totally blown away at how independent and self-sufficient these little stinkers are at age 4.4. it hit me last week as j and i reflected on one particular day. they woke up, got my butt out of bed, headed to the kitchen and proceeded to crack and scramble their own eggs for breakfast. they cleared the table, got dressed all by themselves and brushed their teeth unprompted. oz fed matilda her breakfast. abel made a poop and refused my offer to help wipe (this is majorly huge for him). at dinner time, abel set the table and oz fed mati. they are both reading the beginning BOB books (LOVE!) by themselves. they navigate the apple tv and streaming netflix better than some adults (including their nana).

Oz getting his pjs on before bed. Okay, so sometimes the underwear and pants end up on his head, but I'll take it.

we definitely are fostering this sense of responsibility and taking care of themselves, the animals and the chores around the house. we invested in two melissa and doug responsibility charts and loaded ’em up with the basics. they get smiley faces for tasks completed and at the end of the day get a quarter for a job well done. they are currently saving up for walkie-talkies and remote control helicopters, and i can’t tell you how awesome it is to be able to say, “you’ll have to save up for that!” every time oskar begs me for a giant po doll from kung fu panda.

i remember thinking, not too long ago, that i would forever be wiping butts and pulling shirts over their heads. i couldn’t WAIT for the day when they could do all these things by themselves. it’s a little disconcerting how fast it has changed. it’s like they are putting me out of my job as mom. although, i can’t say that i mind when i find myself lazing on the couch with a book as they clear the kitchen table!

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