match point

in the spirit of wimbledon finals’ weekend, its only appropriate for me to announce the boys’ latest obsession: TENNIS!

i grew up in a tennis family. both my parents have been playing forever (and still, at 77 and 66, play in a weekly league – way to go mom and dad!). my brother was on the high school team. i always had fun on the courts growing up, but my passion for gymnastics ended up taking over. still, i love tennis and have fond memories playing as a family, not to mention our annual tradition of watching wimbledon and eating donuts from the purely awesome local mr. donuts shop.

the boys were recently exposed to tennis by chance. my good friend holly took them for the day while i had a work meeting in san antonio. her son, matthew, had a tennis lesson scheduled, so she just brought all the boys for the fun. let’s just say abel and oskar went NUTS. they loved it beyond anything else they have ever done. non-stop talking about it. begging me to take tennis lessons. begging me to buy them rackets. of course, i relented.

they are now taking weekly tennis lessons, plus we go out and hit the ball every day, sometimes twice a day. they play tennis inside with balloons. they balance balls on their racquets non-stop. and they are genuinely good! who knows where all this might go, but it’s nice to see them really into something. they are generally enthusiastic kids just about anything and everything, but there’s something different about this. and the whole “twins make awesome doubles partners” phenomenon is not lost on me either, but we won’t go there, at least not yet.

for now, it’s just so much fun to see them really enjoying a sport together and with their friends. and maybe we’ll start our own annual family tradition of watching the wimbledon finals this weekend…with donuts of course.

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5 Responses to match point

  1. Lee-Lee (Grandma) says:

    What a treat to read all your posts this week. This last one is most precious to me as I can envision my two Sweeties loving the game of tennis as I have. What fun to reminisce our tradition of eating donuts in our pajamas while watching the Wimbledon finals…just like we’re doing today by ourselves…wish you all were here!

  2. Papa Rick says:

    Unbelievable; Mom and I were eating our donuts and watching the women’s finals when we accessed your post. A few things have changed. Mr. Donut is now called Spunky Dunkers. A little tacky but the product is still very good. We both are a little slower, but the love of the game is still there. I’ve gone from being in the top ten in our league to being in the bottom ten. I like to think I’m reading the results upside down. Oh well.

    Is it possible to bring the boys racquets with you when you come? If not, we can improvise. Maybe my old racquetball racquets will work for the duration. Ha! What’s with the balloons? We’ll have to call that dirigible-ball.

    See you guys in August,

    Love, Dad

  3. Jeri monroe says:

    These boys are SO adorable! They are barely as big as their rackets. Maybe one day they’ll be famous and I can say that I played with their Grandma Lee-Lee!
    Hugs, Tracey!


  4. I love this! How fun that you have hit on something the boys just naturally enjoy. My kids have been pretty amenable to various activities, but I’m not sure I’ve yet found one that strikes such a chord. I hope they keep on loving it!

  5. Josephine Bautista says:

    I’d love to see the day when Oskar and Abel will replace the Bryan brothers!!! Way to go, Tracey! No surprise at all as they got very strong genes from all sides of the family.

    Good luck!

    Jo & Rudy

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