priced to sell

i’m the first to admit, we haven’t had much luck selling homes in the past. we tried to cash out of our first house we were renting out right after the boys were born and about two weeks before the bubble burst in 2007. that was fun! thankfully, we were able to cover our nut with a great, long-term renter. because of the economy, we made the wise choice of renting out our second house for a bit until things looked better. we made a go at selling it last year, unfortunately while our tenant was still living there. what were the chances that our neighbors 4 doors down, with the same layout, listed their house at the same time? and desperate to sell, lowered their price by $10k every week until they finally sold $50k less than the list price. even more fun! double thankfully, our renter really didn’t want to leave, signed another year’s lease and we pulled the plug.

0 for 2. bad luck. or should i say no luck. needless to say, we’ve quickly and inadvertently amassed a nice collection of homes throughout Austin in a very short time.

so it’s with a bit of trepidation that we try it again. it’s also bittersweet. the house we’re selling is full of crazy amazing memories and firsts for our family. this is the place we brought our boys home from the hospital. this is the place they first walked. this is the place where we heard mama and dada for the first time. even though we haven’t lived there for two years and are totally content in our dream house in the woods, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye. but it’s time, for many many reasons (including avoiding capital gains taxes!).

please cross your fingers for us or send a little good luck energy that just the right people walk through the front door and realize this is the house they can’t live without.

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2 Responses to priced to sell

  1. LauraC says:

    It looks fantastic! Did you guys hire a stager or do it yourselves?
    In any event, good luck. The housing market around here has picked up a lot!

  2. Crossing my fingers for you! I get heart palpitations just thinking about trying to sell our current house, which I suspect we will do within a year. We bought at the peak in 2005, so we’re totally screwed. I’ll be happy as long as it actually sells. Ugh.

    Good luck! It looks beautiful, I hope the right person comes along.

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